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How to get from an airport to Warsaw city centre?

First of all check which airport you are arriving. We have two in Warsaw. One of them is called Chopin Airport (WAW on your ticket) Yes, it takes its name after the famous romantic composer who was in love with George Sand and the other is Modlin Airport (WMI).

Chopin Airport is situated eight kilometres from the city centre and the best way to get there is by bus No 175, which inspired me to write this short story this short story.  You can buy a ticket at newsagent’s in a hall or in a machine on a bus (but only with a credit card). You will need a 75­minute­ ticket (4,40PLN). However, the trip to the Palace of Culture and Science takes probably less, about forty minutes.

To reach the city centre from Modlin Airport take a Modlin Bus . You can buy tickets on­line (boarding priority) or at a their stand in the main hall (33 PLN). By their comfortable buses you reach the city centre within 40-­60 minutes depending on traffic.

There is no railway station in Modlin Airport, but Koleje Mazowieckie shuttle bus takes passangers for trains heading Warsaw. However, they are not as frequent as Modlin buses, you need to climb the stairs at the station and there is a risk a train delays.

No matter which airport you are landing, beware of cheating taxi drivers. Otherwise, your voyage to Warsaw might cost you as much as your flight.

From Modlin Airport you can arrange a transfer with www.modlintransport.pl which is the bestoption for groups more than four persons (fixed price of 129 PLN in total).

In Chopin’s Airport look for taxi stands in the arrivals hall

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